Each and every weekday morning, Morning’s on The GOAT…gets you out of bed and ready to tackle your day…by putting a smile on your face!

Each morning at 6:10 you get the days weather and ALL the info you need to know to start your day off…then he plays a comedy clip from some of THE best comedians the world has to offer!

Topical comedy breaks about summer vacations…relationships…camping or things that YOU do in your life each and every day…in ways that you never thought of before…and will have you laughing SO hard you risk falling out of your bed every morning!

“Having NO money”


“Whale watching”


“Being Preggo”


“Buying A House”


“Bacon’s the best!”


“I drove by a skunk, all I could think was ‘I miss my baby’”


“I just got dumped recently…on email”


“In my mind… I’m going to Hawaii”