The city of Courtenay has approved the 2017-2021 sewer fund financial plan. Mayor Larry Jangula says residents will see a slight increase in user fees.

“We are looking at huge potential increases to infrastructure for sewer, so the average house-owners’ rates will go from $267.91 to $294.70…”, he says.

The $26.79 increase is budgeted to generate $4,283,200 and is used to cover operating expenditures.

“I’m not one that [ever] is happy about increases to taxes and increases the cost to people…but when you watch all of the issues that are unfolding around us about water and sewer, [fees] have to go up because of the unbelievable costs that are coming at us”, Jangula adds.

Jangula notes the sewer frontage fees will stay the same at $10.24 per metre.