The Comox Valley Regional District is conducting water main flushing in the Royston water system starting on Monday, March 27th.

On weekdays between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, residents might notice short periods of low pressure and discoloured water. While water main flushing does not pose a risk to the general public, immune compromised people should consult with their doctor about whether to take extra precautions with their drinking water.

The RD says that activities like laundry, dish-washing and showering that require clear, pressurized water should be avoided during the day. RD spokesperson Mike Herschmiller says the flushing helps maintain clean and safe water for residents. The work is expected to last until April 7th.

The flushing program will cover about 35 kilometres of water supply mains throughout the Royston water system. Water is set to be flushed at a high velocity though pipes to remove minor sediment.