Grains Bakery in Courtenay is back in business after a fire broke out in the building 2 weeks ago.

The March 27th blaze started above one of the ovens in the ceiling assembly, according to Courtenay Fire crews. Co-owner Michael Pitcher says the damage was minimal, but some repairs had to be done to ensure the business met all operational safety standards before opening.

Pitcher says “…to meet the current fire codes we had to wait for a piece of equipment, as in a smoke-stack type piece of equipment to come from Idaho and that got here and in quick order they had it installed…we test-ran the machine…and with the help from the Mac’s Heating folks in Victoria got it fully tuned up and running.”

He notes that resulted in a basically fully-operational bakery oven and that the oven is “the heart of a bakery”.

Pitcher commends the employees for their quick thinking and the fast work of the Courtenay Fire Department. He says feedback has been very positive from customers who can once again enjoy their baked goods.