We’re reaching the half-way point of the BC election campaign.

Voters go to the polls two weeks from tomorrow to choose who will represent them in Victoria. Locally, four candidates will be on the ballot May 9th. The MyComoxValleyNow.com News team reached out to each candidate for a check in on how things are going so far.

BC NDP Candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard says the first two weeks of the campaign have gone by quickly and it’s been very positive so far.

Leonard says there are a number of issues facing communities across BC, including affordable housing, seniors care and education cuts. “It’s time for a shift…to start to address those issues”, she says.

Liberal Jim Benninger says the question for voters is whether they want to stay the course, with the goal of bringing prosperity to all British Columbians.

He says that, “an economy is probably the singular issue that if you could have your finger on a dial as a politician, you would want to have your finger on the economy because what happens with the economy, is when it’s strong, it brings so many other things in the community, so many opportunities.”

Conservative Candidate Leah McCulloch says it’s time for a different approach than the divisive politics the other parties offer.

“We can throw all the money we want at something and it’s not necessarily going to make it better. I’d like to inspire people to come together truly as a community, truly bring their ideas, [and their] innovations. People who live here have a lot of great ideas”, she says.

BC Green party candidate Ernie Sellentin will also be on the ballot May 9th.

The candidates will be at the Sid Williams Theatre on Monday, April 24th for an all-candidates forum.