The Coastal Fire Centre is prohibiting Category 2 open fires.

The ban is in effect as of 12 PM Wednesday, June 7th.

Fire Information Officer Donna MacPherson says Category 2’s are mostly backyard burns.

“That’s a fire that’s smaller than 2 metres tall by 3 metres wide at the base,” she says.

She adds that, “at the same time we’re prohibiting some backyard stubble fires so those are grass fires that are less than 2,000 metres.” Things like sky lanterns, firecrackers, fireworks, burning barrels, cages or binary exploding targets are also banned.

MacPherson notes that campfires are still allowed.

However, she advises residents to check out any local bylaws and restrictions for their region before they burn. She adds that Category 2’s are allowed in the “Fog Zone” and in Haida Gwaii.

The “Fog Zone” is a 2-kilometre wide strip of land stretching along Vancouver Island’s west coast from Owen Point near Port Renfrew to the eastern boundary of the District of Port Hardy.

A map of the affected area can be found here:

A map of the “Fog Zone” can be found here:

A poster explaining the differences between fires can be found here:

The penalties for breaking a fire prohibition like this can range from a $1,150 ticket and could even net you some jail time with a court conviction.