Project Watershed has a new plan on the go set to benefit the salmon habitat in the region.

Chair Paul Horgen says two new culverts will be installed at Simms Park in Courtenay.

“There were some culverts that had been put in dozens of years ago that were supposed to allow salmon to sort of bypass the river that were totally non-functional.”

He says that, “only at high tide was water even getting in to them. It was decided that if those could be enlarged and replaced, we could provide what I would call a bypass for the salmon either migrating upstream to their spawning areas or downstream back to the ocean.”

Preliminary work starts on July 5th and full installation starts on July 31st.

During the work, the west side of Simms Park will be closed. The project is expected to be done at the end of August. For more details on Project Watershed, visit their website: