Wildfires continue to rage in the Interior of British Columbia. A number of crews are working on putting out the fires, as multiple residents face evacuation.

BC’s Premier-designate John Horgan says in an effort to support victims, he will be visiting the affected areas this week.

“I believe that Emergency BC [and] BC Wildfire Service are doing everything that they can. We know have the Federal government participating with the evacuations as well.

I think that we’re doing the best we can in [these] difficult circumstances and I have every confidence based on my discussions with community leaders that everything that can be done is being done.”

Horgan notes the fires aren’t something that will disappear overnight, and we need to stick together as relief efforts continue.

Meanwhile, Deputy Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry says smoke continues to be an issue and advises residents to protect themselves from smoke inhalation.

“Air quality in the affected areas [we know] can be variable for days or weeks and we have experience from previous fire seasons where the peak of the health effects from the smoke may not be felt for several weeks after this.”

Henry says seniors, children, pregnant woman, and those with chronic respiratory illnesses are most at risk of being affected by the wildfire smoke.

Relief efforts continue, and if you would like to support victims, donations are open through the Canadian Red Cross at: www.redcross.ca.