A BC based musician and author is promoting the importance of music and how it can help relieve stress. Serge Mazerand is the author of 7 Keys to Serenity: Creating Harmony Within.

He says that music can be a huge stepping stone if you’re looking to make changes in your life.

“[However], music can only heal you to a certain degree. It can calm you down [and] it can bring your emotions out but when you want to really create harmony and inner peace, you have to go beyond and you have to do some serious work on yourself.”

He says that music is being used more and more as an alternative form of therapy.

“When it comes to relaxing ourselves with music, it works with brainwaves so when you listen to relaxing, sweeping music, it really brings down your hurts [and] your vibrations to a lower level and [leads] your heart and your whole system to relax and heal.”

Mazerand says writing the book and working with music has helped improve both his physical and mental health. For more on Serge’s work with music, visit: keystoserenity.com.