Central Island Traffic Services is investigating a serious crash at the intersection of the Inland Island Highway and Horne Lake road.

It happened around 4 pm Wednesday in one of the southbound lanes.

Sergeant Darrin Ramey says a car and truck were stopped at the light in the right hand lane. “A south bound semi-truck hit them from behind at a pretty good clip,” says Ramey, “Causing the pick-up truck to go off to the right and the car to go off to the left. The semi continued forward for about 250 metres.”

Ramey says there was a large debris field and the highway was shut down so the air ambulance could land to transport the driver of the car.

“The person in the truck was also seriously injured, as was the driver of the semi truck,” says Ramey.

Ramey says investigators have a good picture of what happened, but are still looking for why the semi hit the vehicles.

Anyone who may have been in the area at the time is asked to contact Central Island Traffic Services.