The new traffic lights in front of the new Comox Valley Hospital will be turned on Wednesday, August 16th.

The new intersection was installed at Lerwick and Waters Place for traffic coming out of the hospital site.

Manager of Transportation and Utilities with the City of Courtenay, Craig Perry says the light is an on-demand signal and will be triggered by traffic leaving the hospital site.

“The light will be turned on effective Wednesday and it will be in consistent operation going forward. Between now and when the hospital is opened, it’s not gonna be turning very often. It’s gonna stay in a green phase on Lerwick Road, for the most part.”

Perry notes that, “the traffic signal operates on a loop system, so as a car drives up it triggers the loop and a controller will then identify that a car’s there and it needs to change the light. So until a car sits there it’s not going to change the light.”

The new hospital is set to open in October.