A partial eclipse darkened the skies on Monday morning. It was the first partial eclipse in our region since 1979.

Physics instructor at North Island College, Jennifer Fallis Starhunter says while solar eclipses aren’t rare, being in the right spot on earth to view them is.

She says if you missed Monday’s event, the next one will be in a few year’s time.

“The next partial eclipse that we can expect to see in BC is actually in 2023. For anyone who happens to be out East in Canada, if you end up there by 2024, there’s a total eclipse that will be happening in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes in that year.”

Fallis Starhunter says, “the moon’s shadow is only about 100 kilometres wide and the Earth is enormous compared to that, so chances of the solar eclipse being seen from any one place, that’s what’s rare.”

The eclipse took about two hours, with maximum coverage taking about two minutes as the moon blocked the sun.