The Pride Flag has been raised at North Island College’s Comox Valley campus.

Students took part in a special ceremony at noon on Thursday, August 24th.

NIC spokesperson Diane Naugler says pride is just one of the many aspects of the kind of diversity they like to promote at the school.

“As part of our strategic plan, we will be rolling out a series of campus forums and conversations in the fall on all our campus locations to talk about what the College does well in terms of inclusivity and diversity and what kind of areas that we can look forward to doing better in with regard to making a truly welcoming education and work environment for all of our community members.”

The Pride flag will be up until September 5th and will be a part of the campus’ fall orientation activities. Naugler adds that the College also has a Diversity Matters Working Group that will be starting up conversations come the fall at all of their campuses, including Campbell River, Comox Valley and Mount Waddington.