A trail at the Copperfield Ridge subdivision will be closed for a few days later next week.

Development Engineer with the City of Courtenay Rich Feucht says construction work will be getting done.

“There’s an adjacent subdivision to the trail: Copperfield Phase 5. Essentially they’re partially reinstating part of the trail to add some storm-water drainage infrastructure.”

Feucht says the work will start Wednesday, September 6th and last until Friday, September 8th. The trail will be closed each day from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

The trail will be re-open daily at 5:30 PM. Copperfield Ridge is located near the Cumberland and Arden Road intersection. It is located just off Steele Crescent, heading west. The trail section east of Steele Crescent to Cumberland Road, as well as the trail behind Swanson Street, will remain open.