The Mountanaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS) continues to work hard on rehabilitating endangered animals.

Supervisor of Wildlife Reg Westcott says they continue to improve and build up the capacity at their facility in Merville.

He notes that anyone interested in helping out can get in touch with them. “At the rehabilitation facility there are many different volunteer positions from the Board of Director-type positions to gardeners, builders and of course the animal care staff. That’s the one that most people are interested in but it’s the one that also requires the most amount of training, commitment of time and energy.”

He adds that, “we’ve been transferring a lot of animals out during our construction phase so as we get our bigger cages then we’ll be able to keep our animals in-house here and do less transferring to other centres than what we’re doing currently.”

MARS was recently featured on the season premiere of the Canadian television show Rick Mercer Report.