The City of Courtenay’s Council has approved the installation of a rainbow crosswalk, celebrating Pride and diversity in the region.

The crosswalk will be painted at the intersection of 5th Street and Duncan Avenue in the downtown core. The rainbow symbol has been a part of celebrating diversity since the late 1970’s when the colours were used in the flag for the Gay Pride Movement.

Crosswalks like this have been installed in communities across North America for years now, including communities on the Island like Campbell River. There are some concerns however, of vandalism.

This summer, the Campbell River crosswalk was damaged by tire marks shortly after its installation.

Because of the number of colours, rainbow crosswalks cost about $1500 to install and an additional $1500 to refresh every year. According to city staff, a white stripped crosswalk costs $500 to install and $500 to refresh every year.

Mayor Larry Jangula was the lone member of Council against the installation, citing his concerns for vandalism and the cost of the project.

Jangula says this might open the door for other special interests groups to want crosswalks installed. The Mayor suggested a mural might be a more affordable and appropriate project to celebrate diversity.