The Mayor of Courtenay says the UBCM Convention was a success, and a very busy week.

Larry Jangula says he met with Ministers to discuss 3 key issues pertaining to the Comox Valley, including flood mitigation.

“Our highest priority is to work with Ministry staff to put some culverts in the bypass to help prevent some of the flooding that happens in the Puntledge industrial area. So there’s about 2 or 3 areas where we identified that a one-way valve would work well so in other words, the water would cross into the Farquharson Fields but would not come back.”

Jangula says another issue was safety for pedestrians crossing the road at Cowichan Avenue off of Ryan Road, near North Island College. He suggested a pedestrian-activated light be put up there by the Province.

He adds that the third issue was asking for some help in the proposed multi-use trail that would be built in the area of 17th Street and the Dyke Road toward the town of Comox.