Bullfrogs are a growing concern on Vancouver Island, and have been reported to be a problem in the Comox Valley.

Coastal Invasive Species Committee spokesperson Don Hare says the creatures are very difficult to control.

“We’re starting to get some in the Courtenay area. The problem with these species, like a lot of other invasive species, these things just basically wipe out all other frog species.”

Hare says there are a few community groups looking to curb the issue in the Comox Valley.

“These guys [bullfrogs] can eat like songbirds and small mammals. It’s incredible what they can eat. Also, they have disease on their skin, that doesn’t bother them, but it can kill other amphibians.”

Hare says trying to contain these kind of creatures is very challenging, especially in deep swamps and watery areas. He suggests anyone who has any concerns or reports on invasive species should contact the Committee.