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No firm word yet on Comox Harbour herring fishery

COMOX, B.C- While herring have been spawning in record numbers down-Island, it’s unclear whether or not fishing boats will be plying the waters near the Comox Harbour in 2018.

The fishery was opened for herring south of the Comox Valley on Friday, with waters in the Strait of Georgia turning turquoise off Parksville and Qualicum. Fishing boats and curious onlookers have been flocking to the waters offshore in droves to collect the herring harvest.

Once the fish move on, or companies meet their fishing quota, the fishery will be over.

According to Brenda Spence, Regional Herring Coordinator and spokesperson for Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the exact spawning pattern for the herring is difficult to predict.

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Fish have been found as far north as Bowser, as of the latest reports, while there are still stocks offshore.

Spence advised for anyone seeking updates on the herring locations in 2018 to sign up for the Fisheries and Oceans advisories, which can be found at their website.

The latest update, as of Monday morning, can be found below.



Shelter Pt to Cape Lazo——-Mar 1: 4,000 tons

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E.C. Denman Island————Mar 3: 6,000 tons

TEST: Mar 2 on 4,000 tons in the Horseshoe: 8.3%;19.6cm;53m:44f;36-2-6-0-1


TEST: Mar 3 on 2,000 tons at Komass Bluff: 8.3%;19.2cm;57m:46f;39-2-6-0-0;


Lambert Ch. to Chrome Is——Mar 1: 31,000 tons

TEST: Mar 1, 0.75 miles NW Shingle Spit: 6.7%;19.0cm;61m:52f;37-2-13-0-0

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E.C. Hornby Is—————-Mar 2: 3,500 tons

Tribune Bay/Lower Hornby——Mar 1: 3,500 tons

Upper Baynes Sd—————Mar 3: 1,200 tons

Lower Baynes Sd—————Mar 3: NFF tons

Mapleguard to Nile Cr———Mar 2: 3,500 tons

TEST: Mar 2, 0.5 miles SE of the Scallop farm: 5.7%; 19.5cm;57m:66f;28-3-35-7-5


Nile Creek to French Cr——-Mar 3: 10,000 tons

TEST: Mar 2 on 4,000 tons 1.5 miles SE of Little Qualicum

5.1%;19.0cm;64m:52f;21-9-22-0-1 (23.9g:85.5g).

French Cr to NW Bay———–Mar 3: 5,000 tons

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Total Area 14 today: 67,750 tons


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