COURTENAY, B.C- A home that was the scene of a police standoff last weekend is now up for sale.

According to a notice from the Valley’s Remax branch, 475 Panorama Crescent in Courtenay is on the market for $399,000, with the sale sign outside the home placed on Wednesday.

The previous weekend, the street had been full of police officers after a resident had been shot at following a confrontation with people believed to be linked to the home.

After the shots were fired, the Comox Valley RCMP descended on the street and a standoff ensued, which ended with a handful of people arrested. Police have still not confirmed how many people were arrested and what charges they are facing.

While the online notice for the sale mentions the house being seen on television, the home’s realtor Marie McCooey indicated that the mention had nothing to do with the news coverage of the shooting, instead being drawn from house-flipping shows.


A screenshot of the ad posting.

McCooey also indicated she believed the shooting wouldn’t be a factor in the sale of the home.

“I can’t see why it would be,” said McCooey.

“It wasn’t in the house, it was in the yard, for one thing. The neighbours are quite happy to see it on the market, more than happy to see it on the market, and I think whoever buys it is going to put $50,000 dollars into it and it’s going to be beautiful.”

McCooey said that the current tenants of the home wouldn’t be getting notices about having to leave until an unconditional offer comes in for the property, which could prove difficult for a building inspection. She estimated that the current residents had until August in the home.

The online notice for the sale also stated that the current tenants were “borderline hoarders”. McCooey said that there was a “lot of stuff” in every room of the house.

“There’s a lot of furniture, there’s a lot of personal belongings, there’s about 200 bicycles out in the backyard, because somebody collected bicycles or fixed them or sold them, I don’t know,” said McCooey.

“That kind of stuff.”

McCooey believed that the home had many good features, such as the yard, parking area, and back deck, but needed a change of occupants.

“I know the neighbours have been phoning me, saying thank you, since they saw the sign go up,” said McCooey.

“It’s just unfortunate that people in the house are the way they are.”