CUMBERLAND, B.C- Something’s brewing in the heart of Cumberland.

Responding to customer demand, Cumberland Brewing Co. is expanding, co-owner Darren Adam told MyComoxValleyNow.

“This last segment of it is about 25 grand we’re spending on the lounge area,” Adam said. “We’ve already spent quite a bit more than that, creating a seller’s space and renovating our kitchen, and that was in an effort to make more beer.”

The brewery has commissioned three more tanks, which are now fully operational.

“They’re now working and they increase our (brewing output) capacity by 30 per cent,” Adam said.

This expansion has been six months in the making.

“Over the winter we had a food truck outside while we renovated the kitchen space and (turned) the old hair salon next door into our walk-in cooler,” Adam said. “And now this is the last portion where we’re renovating the lounge, moving some tanks around, and creating some more customer seating.”

Featuring four core beers and a rotating selection of one-offs, collaborations, and weekly casks, Cumberland Brewing opened in December 2015 and continues to be a “community brewery” noted Adam, who co-owns the business with Caroline Tymchuk.

“We are for Cumberland and we call ourselves a tiny brewery in a thirsty village,” Adam said. “Well they were just a little bit thirstier than we thought, so we’ve had to increase capacity to keep up with demand, especially during the summer flows when we get inundated with tourists.”