Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many options for guys swimwear, and according to women everywhere, that’s A-OK! A new study is out saying that 99% of women do NOT want to be seen with their parnter if they’re wearing a speedo. And I’m pretty sure the 1 per cent that found them attractive, only meant they’re attractive while their partner is submerged waist deep in the water.

But Speedos weren’t the only form of clothing noted in the study, they also asked about things like the Canadian Tuxedo, track suits, and even tearaway pants, but beating them to become the 2nd and 3rd most hated clothing items are leather pants in 2nd place, and crocs in 3rd.

But hey, you know what? If you can rock that, then more power to ya! Just give me a heads up so I know when NOT to be at the beach…

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