COMOX, B.C. – If you love scenery and sunrises, this is the webcam for you.

The Point Holmes Recreation Association has set up a new solar powered ‘Rampcam’ to allow people to view the weather and tides, watch the sunrise, and just be able to enjoy the view from the comfort of their computer chairs.

Association president Rob James said the camera set up on the boat ramp along Lazo Road allows people to enjoy the view when they are unable to drive down themselves to have a look.

“Not everybody lives on the waterfront,” James said. “You can log online, check the weather, check the tides, or people who can’t make it down there are able to watch the view.”

The ‘Rampcam’ has been a couple of years in the making due to some technical glitches and connection problems.

“But Shaw Cable, we worked with them, they were great, they got us up and running, so it’s available on our website,” James said. “There’s a link to the webcam, it’s free, (and) it’s there for the world to enjoy.”

The camera has been in “test mode” for a few months, but James said the association the ‘Rampcam’ has been livestreaming the past six weeks.

“It’s really great,” James said. “I love it. You get up in the morning and watch the sunrise. It’s pretty spectacular.”

And it’s gained international notoriety.

“We’ve had viewers from Japan, France, Brazil, all over the (United) States, people sharing with their friends so it’s good to see,” James said.

James stressed that the camera isn’t set up for security purposes, but simply so that people can enjoy the view.