5 Reasons Why Parks are An Important Part of Life in the Comox Valley

NOTE: This is a sponsored article.

There is something special about a park – especially parks that are situated close to urban areas. They are beautiful, colourful, peaceful and inviting.

Kids play in them. People meet in them.

Parks are an important part of our community. A park can often become the centre of a neighbourhood giving everyone a chance to get away from it all and to reconnect with nature.

If you really think about it, playing in a park as a child probably contributed to many of your favourite formative memories and experiences.

3L Developments Inc. lands are now permanently closed to the public for recreational activities or any other use. No Trespassing will be strictly enforced.

Why are Parks an Important Part of Our Community?

1. A Place for Kids and Families
Being outside and playing is crucial for the healthy development of children. Parks are a great place for Parents and guardians to bond with their kids and teach them about nature.

2. Reduces Heat
Summers seem to be getting hotter. The abundance of flat, dark surfaces made up of asphalt and concrete makes neighbourhoods noticeably warmer than other nearby areas. This is a factor in smog creation. More trees in a neighbourhood can reduce this effect.

3. Mental Health Boost
It seems obvious that a place where people are able to make connections, meet new friends and participate in recreational activities is also good for the locals’ mental health. Also, direct exposure to nature has its own benefits on mental health, reducing stress and increasing happiness.

4. Physical Activity
A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a number of health problems. Parks make a neighbourhood more enjoyable to walk through and provide space to play. A park in the neighbourhood encourages people to get out and be active.

5. Protect Natural Ecosystems
Parks provide natural habitats for many different animals. They offer a sanctuary for animals to thrive in, travel and feed.

Parks benefit everyone in the community. They benefit the economy. They benefit the environment.

Envision a neighbourhood surrounded by 260 acres of Public park land and meandering rivers.  Where, every home is only a short stroll to nature trails and green space.

A community where recycled water will be distributed to every home for irrigation and similar uses.  You will be making a difference in the environment.

Welcome to Riverwood Living, a master planned, eco-friendly community located 6-minutes from Downtown Courtenay.

Media Release Riverwood lands now closed to public access