COURTENAY, B.C. – David Frisch will be running for re-election on municipal election day on Oct. 20.

But he won’t be gunning for the mayor’s seat.

The Courtenay councillor announced today that he will seek a second term on council rather than run for mayor.

In March, Frisch had announced plans for a mayoral bid and held several campaign events, like Politics Pub Nights around the city, to listen to people’s views.

He noted that this campaign announcement comes in response to the community and requests from his supporters.

“It’s always right to put constituents first,” Frisch said. “I’ve decided to seek my second council term out of respect for all the Courtenay residents who want to see continuity and proven leadership at the council table, and who trust I will do that.”

“David has made the call to put his values and especially Courtenay’s best interests first,” said Salinas Laperriere, Frisch’s campaign manager. “The way David involved his team and his family in this decision shows his integrity and commitment.”

Frisch said his switch to campaigning for a second term on council ultimately came down to how he could best serve Courtenay residents, who, he notes, “say their primary issue is stability and having a balance of experience on the next council.”

“Courtenay is growing and the public needs us to achieve big priorities like affordable housing, safer and more efficient transportation, and ongoing downtown revitalization,” Frisch said. “Voters want carry-through on vision and that requires having some familiar and reliable people on council with a strong track record.”

“The election context changed a lot since springtime,” explained Laperriere. “Councillor Lennox decided not to run again, and until David made this announcement, three out of six Courtenay councilors were running for mayor.”

Frisch says in the end it didn’t make sense for half of council to compete for mayor when Courtenay voters want continuity for important decision-making that lies ahead.

“I’ve invested the last four years of my life into learning how to work effectively on council,” he added. “I understand the issues and how city hall works. Another council term is fundamentally where I can best do work for Courtenay and a sustainable future.”