COMOX VALLEY, B.C. – The Comox Valley RCMP is introducing a program designed to curb criminal activity in residential buildings.

The Crime Free Multi Housing Program was introduced to B.C. in 1994 by the New Westminster Police Department.

Since its inception, the program has been adopted by more than 20 communities across the province.

The program helps residential owners, managers, employees, police and other agencies work together to battle crime.

It “has successfully improved security and reduced crime, by working to identify the problems and provide solutions. It takes a pro-active approach at reducing criminal and nuisance-related activities in the community,” according to a release.

The program introduces crime prevention techniques to multi-housing properties with the goal of reducing the likelihood of criminal activity occurring on the premises.

A “crime-free building” is one that has met the minimum standard specified in the program.

Building owners go through training, have security evaluations done on their property, and encourage tenants to get involved in reducing crime on the property.

Following all of this, the owners/managers are given the opportunity to post signs around their building stating they have joined the Crime Free Multi Housing Program and can use the logo for promotional purposes.

“There are benefits for everyone in the community” said Const. Donna Collins, Community Police Officer at the Comox Valley RCMP Detachment, “The owners will have increased demand, quality tenants, and improved safety on their property.  The tenants will have a safer, more pleasant place to live where owners and managers care about the property.”

“We have identified a few buildings here which might benefit from the program,” Comox Valley RCMP Const. Cst. Monika Terragni  told “Constable Collins will be in touch with those managers/owners in the coming weeks.  This is going to be a very beneficial program for the Comox Valley.”

Anyone interested in becoming part of this program or wanting more information should contact Const. Collins at the Comox Valley RCMP Detachment, (250) 338-1321.