On Friday’s show, all I could talk about was how nervous I was to ride shotgun in the General Jeff May’s crash to pass car at Saratoga Speedway. Well my fears didn’t go away after seeing his car. This was the beast that was supposed to last numerous laps while giving out and taking hits. Let’s be honest, it’s seen better days.

Enough lollygagging in the pits, it’s game time!



That had to be the most fun and exciting thing I’ve ever done. Everything from being pinned to the right side of the seat the entire time, to the sound of the twisted and mangled frame rubbing on the ground on every corner, the smell of hot exhaust, burning rubber, and various engine fluids. My hands were sore after white knuckling it the entire time, and on top of that, I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am cause of all the adrenaline. When we got home, I took the dogs out for a long run and it still wasn’t enough to calm me down! I wanted to give a huge thank you to Jeff and his family and friends and whole pit crew for welcoming me with open arms. A bunch of great people and a great community over at Saratoga Speedway. So thanks again!


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