This story was submitted to the show last night, and should be read by everyone in the valley.

For years, an elderly couple would go on daily walks around Point Holmes, look at the birds, take in the scenery, share a couple laughs. Well unfortunately that all ended earlier this year after she passed away. He continued walking though, retracing the same footsteps that he used to take with his wife, but not yesterday, yesterday was different. Yesterday was her birthday, the first since her passing. And perhaps as a tribute, or just to feel a little bit closer to her, he had placed roses along the path to their favourite look out, and there on the fence, sticking up proud like a beacon of love, was a single rose reaching up to the heavens…

You never know how much time you got with someone, so go do that thing with you partner that you keep putting off, go for a walk and hold hands, and tell them you love them. It’ll mean the world no matter how many times you say it.

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