PORT HARDY, B.C- Police want to talk to a man who is suspected of trying to light a car on fire.

According to a news release from the Port Hardy RCMP, the incident took place on Sunday night around 10:04 p.m. Officers were called to 6980 Rupert Street in Port Hardy by the fire department, after a parked car in that area had been lit on fire.

“Police attended the scene and located a group of neighbours and firemen standing around a Chevrolet Cruze that had sustained some interior damage,” read the release.

“The vehicle’s Registered Owner was present and advised police that a neighbour had come to retrieve her as they had observed a lone male wearing a grey hooded sweater and a baseball hat inside her vehicle attempting to light it on fire. Police verified that a number of papers had been set ablaze inside the vehicle causing a large mess and some damage to the cloth front seats.”

A surveillance video from the neighbourhood showed a man trying to get into the parked car and light the inside on fire for around nine minutes, taking occasional breaks to go through a nearby parked vehicle.

“The male departed the location on a child’s bike headed toward the nearby bushes and into the nearby wooded area when people came out of their residences to investigate,” read the release.

“Police spoke with initial witness and owner of the Silverado pickup, who stated he heard something outside and observed the male who took off when he opened his front door to confront him.”

Officers are still investigating, and are looking to figure out who the man is. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Port Hardy RCMP or Crimestoppers.