COURTENAY, B.C- A four-way stop in downtown Courtenay will be getting removed in the near future.

Drivers in the city have been dealing with a temporary four-way at the intersection of 6th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue since July of this year.

The four-way was tied to the work along 5th Street, which has been getting federally-funded roadwork done since the summer. The project is nearly completed, and the City of Courtenay has confirmed that the four-way will be removed at the end of the work.

According to Lisa Zervakis, a city spokesperson, municipal authourities are working with the project contractor to finalize next steps, with more information on scheduling and completion once those steps are finalized.

There is no firm date for when the 5th Street project will be completed.

“Regarding the temporary four-way stop at 6th Street and Fitzgerald Avenue, we are planning to remove the temporary 4 way stop that was installed specifically for the construction project,” said Zervakis, in a written statement.

“We will monitor the intersection following construction and will review as needed in the future.”