COURTENAY, B.C- Residents of Copperfield Ridge don’t need to worry about the smoke next week.

According to a notice from the City of Courtenay, “smoke” testing will be conducted in the area’s sewer system along Swanson Street on Wednesday and Thursday. The neighbourhood is near the intersection of Arden Road and Cumberland Road in west Courtenay.

The smoke is used to evaluate the sewer system, and identify or locate cross-connections between sanitary and storm sewers.

“This testing is performed by blowing a harmless vapour into a sewer,” read the release.

“The “smoke” is not a real smoke, but rather a mist containing a large percentage of moisture. It is highly visible at low concentrations. The smoke is expected to exit from manholes, the sewer stack at the top of your house, catch basins and downspouts.”

The smoke is non-toxic, does not leave stains or residue, and has no impact on animals or plants, according to the city. If the smoke does enter the homes of residents, however, it could mean they have plumbing defects, and they should call Public Works at 250-338-1525.

“Please be aware of getting too close to the smoke as direct contact can cause minor respiratory irritation in some people,” read the statement.

If anyone within the testing area or inside a building or residence in the testing area has a respiratory condition, and are planning to stay in place during the testing, they’re asked to contact the city at 250-338-1525 or send an email to [email protected].