Canadians worried over more high drivers on the road in 2019

Many Canadians are worried 2019 will bring an increase in cannabis-impaired driving.
A CAA survey found over 70 per cent of Canadians were concerned more drivers will be getting behind the wheel high, especially during holidays. The survey results suggest these worries are not unfounded, as a third of Canadians polled said they’d be willing to drive home even if they got high.

Pipeline problems expected to hit 2019 election hard

The pipeline problem affecting Canada’s oil production is likely to be the hot topic in 2019.
Canada’s GDP is forecast to slow down by .2 per cent next year, and many economists are pointing to the lack of pipeline infrastructure as the main issue. Experts suggest outcomes on projects like the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion will likely play a huge role in the federal election.

Western Canada glaciers at the mercy of climate change: researchers

In 50 years, glaciers in Western Canada may be a rare sight.
Canadian researchers suggest climate change is already hitting the glaciers hard in Alberta, BC and the Yukon. The meltdown is likely to lead to flooding and erosion along the coast and dry, dust-bowl areas further inland.