MOUNT WASHINGTON, B.C. – Expect a slow go to the base of Mount Washington after a recent dump of snow.

Mainroad North Island Contracting is tasked with servicing roads across the North Island.

The company’s operations manager Leon Bohmer said conditions on the Strathcona Parkway, which leads to the alpine ski area, are “good.”

“There are winter conditions,” Bohmer told the newsroom on Friday morning.

“People need to expect snow on the road and slippery conditions because it’s snowing hard.”

Bohmer said there is continuous plowing on the road. “We have two snowplows up there currently that are plowing and sanding continuously, until the storm has ended. We also have a grader that’s on its way to help out. We have plenty of equipment up there for what it is.”

He advised drivers to follow a Mainroad truck to ensure a safe journey along Strathcona Parkway.

He added that good winter tires will suffice, otherwise, drivers should fasten chains on their tires to get up the mountain.

“The road is always going to be in better condition directly behind a truck,” he said.

Mount Washington spokesperson Sheila Rivers said drivers should check the road reports before they head to the mountain and be sure their vehicles are equipped with winter tires.

Rivers said moderate snow is falling in the alpine area and the mountain is sitting at a 175 cm snow base.

The mountain opened its outback area and is now fully open.

“We’ve had a really good amount of storm systems come through, dropping on a ton of snow for us in the last few weeks,” Rivers said. “It’s been definitely a winter wonderland up here and we’re getting set for all our New Year’s Eve events so it should be a really picturesque background for everybody.”