COMOX, B.C. – The victim of a car accident has found her dog.

Shannon Paul said her 21-year-old sister was involved in a crash around 2991 Back Road in Courtenay earlier this morning.

Following the accident, her dog Daisy disappeared after running away from the scene. While Paul’s sister was taken to hospital, her family looked for Daisy.

The four-year-old pup is a rescue, and fortunately, was located shortly after noon.

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Paul said Daisy ventured off into Comox.

“She was at the end of Spitfire Drive,” Paul said.

Spitfire Drive is up off McDonald Road and is close to the Quality Foods on Guthrie Road.

Daisy was found along Spitfire Drive (bolded) in Comox. Google Maps image.

“She’s doing pretty good, just laying and relaxing right now and she ate some food.”

Paul said Daisy cuddled up to her right when she was found.

Paul feared that her sister had suffered a serious concussion, but informed that the 21-year-old is doing okay.

“I believe (she suffered) a mild concussion,” she said.

“All the impact was on the passenger side of the vehicle so thankfully she didn’t get too much damage on her end.”

Paul said she didn’t know exactly what caused the crash, but noted icy roads could have been a factor.

As of this publication, Paul said her sister would be returning home shortly.