Over the past little while, I asked for you to let me know what some of your favourite bits were that we covered on the show through the year, and these are the top 3 as decided by you!


3. In early October, an article came out saying that the Coast Guard was having trouble finding and keeping lighthouse keepers. To find out why, I spoke with the lighthouse in Ucluelet.


2. Every single Friday on the show, at least until the last election, you went into your weekend with some sagely party advice from the now former Mayor of Comox, Paul Ives. His advice came in as the second most requested part of the show from 2018.


1. The number one thing mentioned by you as your favourite part of the show for 2018 was all the jingles. Whether they introduced a guest, talked about animals, or brought up silly questions, you endured my singing and according to some, actually looked forward to it. So here’s a quick montage of some of jingles from throughout the year!


And that wraps up a year of shows! Thank you for all the love, support and messages, it’s been a great year, let’s make 2019 even better! If you ever want to reach out, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, or you can always send me an email: bigginger@thegoatrocks.ca! Much love to you and yours!