MPs says justice system is too complicated at providing pardons

Some MPs want Ottawa to make criminal pardons automatic.
The Public Safety Committee suggests for some criminals who serve their full sentence, they should be considered rehabilitated and automatically be pardoned. The group says the current process is complicated and expensive at just over $600. They say the justice system isn’t easily providing second chances as it stands now.

Veteran’s reportedly left out of pension consultations by Ottawa

Ottawa is coming under fire for allegedly leaving veterans out of pension consultations.
Veterans Affairs plans to roll out a new pension plan in April that will save the feds $1.8 billion, but some are accusing the branch of cutting the people affected out of consultations. Pensions for Life would cut back on the amount disabled veterans get.

BC Hydro calls the recent windstorm the most damaging in history

It’s one for the history books.
The recent December windstorm is being called the most damaging in history for BC Hydro. The storm caused outages for over 550,000 people, some of which weren’t restored until New Year’s Eve. Over 900 hydro workers were dispatched to repair thousands of downed and damaged lines and poles.