Wilson-Raybould felt she was improperly pressured: reports

Jody Wilson-Raybould reportedly felt improperly pressured to deal with the SNC-Lavalin case.
The former Justice Minister made this comment during a closed-door cabinet meeting according to government sources speaking with the Globe and Mail. Opposition MPs have been hounding Justin Trudeau to allow her to speak publicly on the matter, but all requests have been blocked.

PBO warns of cuts in Veteran disability coverage

Canada’s budget watchdog is warning some veterans may be getting the short end of the pension stick.
The PBO reports a new pension plan created by the Liberals does increase funding for some veterans, but disability payments will fall short of current coverage. According to CBC News the feds are also facing four possible lawsuits over an accounting error that shorted veterans of millions in pension funds.

New investment looks to make Canadian sports safer and more inclusive

Protection for athletes and gender equity in sports.
These are the two focuses at the heart of a $200,000 federal investment into improving Canadian sports conduct. Ottawa’s Minister of Science and Sport made the announcement following a CBC News report which found over 200 Canadian coaches were convicted of assault in the last 20 years.