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Newly renovated Finders Keep Hers Boutique to open tomorrow

Story by Twila Amato,

COURTENAY, B.C. – Finders Keep Hers Boutique moved and got a face lift.

And owner Alicia Macpherson hopes this will attract more people to the downtown boutique.

“At my other store, people only really went in if they knew about it. It was kind of a hole-in-a-wall window. So many people walked right by without even looking over,” Macpherson said.

Planet Kids, a toy store, used to occupy the street level space at the southwest corner of the intersection. Before they left, they offered the space to Macpherson. She said her first thought was not to expand, but to move the whole store over.

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She said the set up in the old location was so crammed that the items were not properly displayed and customers couldn’t move them in the racks.

But now that there is more space, she said she hopes people will be able to find more items they like because there will be a better display system.

She said she hopes the interior will evoke a European shopping experience, with white arches, 13 chandeliers, and faux marble flooring added to the renovated shop.

“Taking our favourite interior displays from different high-end stores, we’ve combined our favourite (European design) ideas, and that’s what our store now looks like.”

Macpherson added that this has been the biggest investment she has made.

“Every single moment I’ve worked, cried, sweat, saved up until this moment is for this moment. I truly believe that we outgrew our old store. In order to grow as a business, we had to take this step.”

“You have to invest in order to become greater.”

She thanked Monterra West Homes and Planet Kids for their support of the renovation.

The shop is expected to open tomorrow.


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