The forecast now looks drier than yesterday. There are still some uncertainties though this is a good trend. Rain amounts looked to have dropped by about a third and most of the rain will take place in the upper elevations. The west side of Vancouver Island will get the brunt of this storm.

The higher elevation temperatures are just now beginning to set in and will cause some snowmelt. The southeast winds look to be generally unchanged and may cause some storm surge into the estuary.

BC Hydro’s operations will be modified to a lower discharge rate from Comox Dam though the high and dangerous Puntledge River flows may be in place into early next week. The public should stay away from the Puntledge River as flows will be high and fluctuating as we consider the ocean tides.

Weather conditions can be highly variable and while this looks to be good news, and less risk for some isolated downstream flooding, an eye on the river flow conditions during the high tide tomorrow may be wise.