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First North Island licensed cannabis retailer changes name

PORT HARDY, B.C. – Stellar Jay Organics is now North Island Cannabis.

The name change comes after another company told owners Serena Neumerschitsky and Tristan Radzik they had to change their name or go through a lawsuit.

“We went through quite a vetting process to get this name. We had to do a name registration and all kinds of things, and we also had to get it through to the government as well,” Neumerschitsky said.

“So when we got this letter, we were quite surprised. But at the end of the day, the time and money taken to fight this battle – they can have it.”

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“Have the name. We’ll name it (the store) after something we’ve really grown to love, and that’s the North Island.”

She added that the community has been supportive of the name change. In fact, Neumerschitsky said there hasn’t been a negative impact on their customer base.

“Everyone’s been amazing from the get-go. They’ve been there for us. They’re still following us, they’re still listening, and they’re still calling us.”

Neumerschitsky said that they’re hopeful the new name will have more of a positive impact for them.

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“If you’re looking for cannabis on the North Island, you’re going to Google North Island Cannabis, and you’re going to find us.”

“So hopefully this ends up being a positive thing, inspite of the difficulties and the setbacks that we’ve had to deal with.”

The store’s official grand opening will be on April 20th. You can find North Island Cannabis through their website or through their Facebook page.

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