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Ottawa calling for human rights investigation into FB job ads, Sunwing hit with hefty fine

Ottawa calling for human rights investigation into FB job ads

There are calls in Ottawa for the Canadian Human Rights Commission to investigate certain Facebook ads.

Employment Minister Patty Hajdu wants the Canadian Human Rights Commission to look at how employers are able to microtarget ads at certain age and gender groups, excluding others. Experts say these ads could be breaking the country’s human rights laws.

Price of helium inflating during shortage

A shortage is sending the price of helium skyward.

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The third one in just over a decade, this shortage is seeing prices in some parts jump as much as 300 per cent. Helium is used in a number of industries for a multitude of purposes, including coolant in MRI machines, and making semiconductors and fiber optic cable.

Scientists expected to release first ever photo of a black hole

The first ever photograph of a black hole is expected to be released tomorrow.

The photo is from the international Event Horizon Telescope project that was formed seven years ago with the goal of directly observing a black hole’s environment. The event horizon is the point where anything caught by a black hole’s pull will no longer be able to escape.

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Sunwing hit with hefty fine

Sunwing is being fined $694,500 by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

This comes after passenger problems last April in Toronto and Montreal on 96 flights. The CTA acknowledges that the problems, such as long delays and lack of communication, stemmed from an ice storm, but that Sunwing’s handling of the situation made it worse.

Walmart adding robot janitors to staff

Walmart is adding thousands of new robots to its workforce at thousands of stores across the US.

The company says it expects to have them online by February. The robots will do things like mop the floors and unload boxes in the back, with Walmart saying that will free up its human workers to spend more time helping customers.

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