COMOX, B.C- A sewer pipe has leaked at a popular park in the Comox Valley.

According to the Comox Valley Regional District, a small leak in a sewer line close to the parking area at the bottom of Goose Spit Stairs was found yesterday. It had been discovered after wastewater showed up in the parking area.

The leak has been confirmed to be from the recently installed HMCS Quadra forcemain, according to the district. Quadra’s pump station has been shut down and isolated, and the district says the leaked wastewater and surrounding soil has been removed, with the area being made safe.

Parking and access to the park will be impacted, and the district says there is no threat to the environment or public safety.

According to Marc Rutten, the general manager for the district’s engineering branch, a roughly 500 square foot area has been cordoned off so a contractor can excavate and work on the line.

An exact timeline of how long that repair will take is unknown at this time.