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One-hundred-thirty-nine teams signed up for 37th Royal Lepage Snow to Surf

COMOX VALLEY, B.C. – Literally from top to bottom, this Sunday’s Royal Lepage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay Event promises to be a thrill a second.

There are 134 adult teams and five junior teams registered for the relay race that starts on the alpine of Mt. Washington and finishes at sea level.

This will be the 37th year for a race that incorporates alpine skiing, cross country skiing, running, mountain biking, kayaking, road cycling and canoeing.

Competitors start at the top of Mount Washington, go down to mountain, across Comox Lake and paddle up the Courtenay River to Comox Harbour.

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“Instead of passing a baton, we have snap band bracelets that go on, and they pass that on to the next team member,” Royal Lepage Snow to Surf publicity and finish boss Cristi May said.

For a full description of each of the eight legs, click here.

Teams are coming from across the North Island, other parts of the island, and the mainland to compete.

As for spectators, May said, “who they have in the race depends on where they go to watch, but in the end everybody all ends up at the finish line at our celebration garden, to cheer everybody coming in on their canoes.”

The race ends at the Comox Marina Boat Launch, where competitors disembark from their canoes, and sprint to the finish line before ringing a bell.

“This is one of Canada’s premier adventure relay races, for across the country,” May said. “This is like the original kind of concept for the adventure relay race.”

The participants come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

“We’ve got a complete mix and that’s what makes the Royal Lepage Snow to Surf Adventure Relay so much fun for everyone because you can compete as a high end athlete that travels around and does races, and you can fight to have the bragging rights to be the winner, or you can just be a fun team of friends and/or family coming out just to spend the day doing something healthy and having fun together,” May said.

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