Cabinet meeting set to proceed with money laundering inquiry

The Canadian Press reports a decision will come Wednesday on whether B.C. will call a public inquiry into money laundering. A former attorney general said the province will need clear goals if they are to proceed with an inquiry. Over $7 billion was laundered in the province last year with $5 billion of that through the real estate market, driving up prices.

Childcare key to gender equality says OxFam Canada

A group is urging childcare to be an issue on the ballot in this October’s federal election. The Toronto Star said a report from Oxfam Canada also suggested the government invest $8 billion annually over the next decade. Oxfam added gender equality and economic prosperity can be achieved easiest through publicly funded childcare.

U.S. and China tariff dispute rages on

America added $300 billion to a list of tariff hikes on Chinese imports. The dispute has caused fears about economic growth globally. The announcement came after China made their own increases of up to 25 percent on $60 billion worth of American imports. The list of Chinese products the United States has increased tariffs on has grown to almost 4,000.

WhatsApp infected with spyware 

A popular app put dozens of people’s phones and security at risk. WhatsApp was hacked allowing a group to hi-jack users cell phones. A spokesperson for the app said the organization isn’t refuting the story. Apparently, malware penetrated phones through missed calls using the app’s voice phone calling function.