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Sayward, Black Creek in running for $100,000 in playground revitalization contest

VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C. – A pair of North Island playgrounds are among the six finalists in the BCAA Play Spaces competition.

The top three finalists get $100,000 for revitalizations for their playground.

Black Creek Community Playground at 2001 Black Creek Road and the Sayward School Playground are vying to get into the top three spots.

Thanks to Evo Car Share, the remaining finalists will receive runner-up prizes of $30,000 (fourth place), $20,000 (fifth place), and $10,000 (sixth place).

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Here is an overview of the two North Island playgrounds

Sayward School playground

The current playground at Sayward School is nearly 25 years old.

The majority of the structure is constructed from wood which is deteriorating as it ages.

This type of building material is prone to cracking, warping and splinters. Additionally the plastic slide is warping and buckling from sun damage and age.

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See the students’ YouTube video below:

According to the contest entry, a more modern playground “will make this space safer for children and families due to the construction materials used in playgrounds today.”

The school’s PAC has consulted with Habitat Systems, who has visited the site and has now provided the PAC with two design options including conceptual drawings and pricing.

“The new playground will be constructed of materials that are built to last for many generations, and will add several additional elements not included in the current playground configuration,” the entry noted.  

The entry also noted that the PAC “has been tirelessly fundraising for a new playspace for over five years. Community members have supported us through bake sales, bottle drives, and numerous fundraising initiatives. Parents, guardians, grandparents, and sponsors have donated not only money, but time and effort into ensuring our new playspace will one day become a reality.”

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Black Creek Community Centre playground

The entry for the Black Creek playground notes that the 30-year-old equipment is outdated, and showing serious signs of wear and tear.

It added that the holes in the wood posts “are perfect homes for wasps,” and the ‘ride on’ toys barely budge, lumber is rotting, and metal components are rusted and weathered.

Black Creek playground is among the finalists in a provice-wide contest for new equipment.
Photos from BCAA Play Spaces competition website

The metal tunnel has jagged metal pieces that have to be sanded down, and the swings almost touch the chicken wire fencing in their swing arc.

“We need a whole new playground structure that is more age-appropriate, new swing sets, new fencing, and landscaping that would make the whole space more cohesive and accessible,” the entry said.

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To vote, visit You can vote every day until June 23rd.

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