BC Hydro is lowering its water flow in the Puntledge River to below minimum fish habitat levels.

That’s because of the ongoing dry conditions. Even with the rain in the last week of June, the month ended up getting just 33 per cent of its average amount. That makes it the second driest June on record in 38 years.

The dry conditions aren’t new though, as precipitation has been far below normal since February. BC Hydro says its updated water supply forecast for July is showing 57 per cent of normal. If these conditions hold steady, that will be the lowest water supply forecast in about 60 years according to BC Hydro’s records.

To help conserve water, BC Hydro has been running the 24 megawatt generating station at just seven megawatts.

BC Hydro will be reducing the water levels next Monday, which will in turn bring Stage 2 Water Restrictions to the Comox Valley water system. Unless something changes, water levels could be lowered again on August 1st and we may see Stage 3 water restrictions not too long after that.