Police investigating suspected double-homicide along the Alaska Highway

Police say an Australian man and an American woman were the victims of a suspected double-homicide near the boundary between British Columbia and Yukon.

RCMP say the two were found dead along the Alaska Highway near Liard Hot Springs on Monday. They say an older blue minivan with Alberta plates was found nearby. Investigators are not saying how the pair died or releasing any further details, but they’re looking to talk to anyone who may have been in contact with the couple.

Canada joining global agreement to combat illegal fishing

At long last, Canada is joining a global agreement to combat illegal fishing.

The Port State Measures Agreement seeks to put a dent in a global industry worth an estimated $23 billion. A Liberal MP, who’s also the parliamentary secretary for the fisheries minister, says Canada signed onto the deal almost a decade ago.

Warm weather covering much of eastern Canada and the U.S.

Much of eastern Canada and the U.S. are in the grip of scorching temperatures and heavy thunder storms, while in Manitoba, a night of wild weather generated a tornado, a double water spout and a funnel cloud.

In Southern Ontario, temperatures have soared into the 40s.