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BC Ferries hosts cleanup on Denman, Buckley Bay shores

BC Ferries employees are putting on their work gloves and cleaning up plastic along local shorelines tomorrow. 

In May, Denman Island residents raised concerns about plastic from the cable ferry getting left in the ocean along the vessel’s route, and washing up on the shoreline.

BC Ferries spokesperson Astrid Braunschmidt said two dozen BC Ferries employees are taking part in the shoreline cleanup.

The cleanups are at Denman Island and Buckley Bay from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

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Braunschmidt said the plastic coating on the cables of the Bayne Sound connector has been shedding and has washed up on the beaches.

“We are participating in this shoreline cleanup to look for that, to clean up the areas where we have been told that it has been washing up, and we’re certainly happy to do that. We’re also looking to monitor the plastic shedding that may be happening as a result of the manufacturer’s defect that is making this plastic come off.”

BC Ferries is working to find a solution and make sure the plastic shedding stop as quickly as possible,  Braunschmidt noted: “We understand that this is a manufacturer’s defect, it really shouldn’t be occurring so we’re working with engineers to try and find a solution to the problem of this plastic coating coming off the cables.”

She added that it could mean going with cables that don’t have the plastic coating.

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“While we’re waiting for this solution to be identified we’re going to be cleaning up as much as we can and that’s part of the reason for this shoreline cleanup tomorrow.”

The cleanup starts on Denman Island and then moves to beaches on both sides of the Buckley Bay ferry terminal. 

The public is welcome to join.

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