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Tory leader says LGBTQ2 community will always have access to same-sex marriage; Liberals use Conservative fundraising video to raise money for themselves

Scheer clarifies stance a week after Liberals release old video

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is accusing the Liberals of dredging up divisive issues ahead of the election.  The Tory leader is also clarifying to Canadians that if elected his party won’t open up old debates on abortion and same sex marriage, but he says he won’t stop MP’s from voicing their own opinions on social media.

Liberals use Conservative fundraising video for their own fundraising
The federal Liberals are using an old video of Stephen Harper to raise money.  In the video the former Prime Minister is asking Conservative supporters to donate to make Andrew Scheer the “next Prime Minister of Canada”.  But the Liberals are using the video to fill their war chest by reminding party faithful that a Conservative win in the October election would take the country back to the Harper days.

Activists arrested in Hong Kong

Three pro-democracy activists have been arrested in Hong Kong.  The arrests come ahead of another weekend of planned protests.  Hong Kong has seen over 12 weeks of unrest.  China brought in fresh troops yesterday in what is being called a routine rotation.

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Trump calls hurricane an “absolute monster”

Florida residents along the east coast are scouring store shelves for water ahead of Hurricane Dorian.  They are preparing for what forecasters predict as a Category 4 storm that could pack winds of over 2-hundred kilometres an hour.  It’s expected to make landfall Monday anywhere from the Florida Keys to Southern Georgia.

iPhone hack targets user location and other data

Google has discovered a hacking operation that targets iPhones.  Security experts at Google say the hackers use websites to plant malware to access photos and user locations.  The software has also been able to access encrypted messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp.  Apple has released a security patch for iOS 12.1.

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