You will now have more time to voice your concerns over the new Cumberland Fire Hall expansion project.

At yesterdays council meeting, Corporate Officer Rachel Parker brought forward a report that stated the Alternate Approval Process (AAP) has been extended.

She says the AAP had to be extended because the village is still waiting for approval from the province and needed time to let residents provide input.

“(The report) was to reschedule the AAP period as we are waiting for approval of the loan authorization bylaw from the Inspector Of Municipalities and we are a little optimistic in that we would have it a little sooner, so we had to reschedule the process.”

The timeline for anyone to oppose the project will be from November 5th until December 13th.

The village says if 310 people oppose, staff will have to take a second look and decide what would be best moving forward.

Starting next week the village will rollout a newsletter and a press release to keep residents informed.

Once the AAP form is released it will be available on the Village of Cumberland website here.

An open house is also set for November 18th at council chambers.